We chose this spot for some key reasons. To begin with, it’s perfectly situated 15 miles north Homer, which is close enough to enjoy all the food, fishing (go with O’Fish’ial Charters) and attractions offered there, yet just far enough to escape the huge crowds during tourist season.  More than 20,000 visitors share the town of Homer with its 5,000 or so residents in the peak of summer, whereas crowds are the last thing you will be concerned with at our Anchor Point retreat. Another key reason is the river.  A stone’s throw away, the Anchor River is a mecca for Silvers, Kings and Steelhead, and provides easily accessible shallow waters and incredible scenery from the North Fork to the Inlet. Truly a world class stream, let alone a Kenai Peninsula favorite, it’s worth the endeavor. Furthermore, as far as expense goes, you can expect the price of comparable lodging to be 25-50% lower in Anchor Point than in Homer.  Finally, and in our mind most notably, are the sunsets. From our property, be it from your own personal deck or the viewing terrace on the bluff’s edge, you will be absolutely mesmerized by the jaw-dropping sunsets illuminating the Cook Inlet whilst disappearing behind the massive volcanoes bordering the horizon.  This incredible scene lasts for hours, and the colors on display inspire awe on a regular basis. Unfortunately Homer doesn’t get their magical sunsets until wintertime simply because of its obstructed location.  These accounts and more are what led us to a place that we feel has the best of both worlds...Lost Anchor Cabins.

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