Lost Anchor Cabins is a small family run business formerly known as C-View Cabins and was newly acquired in the summer of 2018. We couldn’t be more honored and excited to assume ownership of this little slice of heaven.  We would sincerely like to thank the previous owners for forging and preserving such a splendid tract of Alaska.  It was obvious to us that a lot of hard work, vision and love went into shaping such a place.  Needless to say, their generosity and support for our family, the property and the business continues to this day with endless advice, insight and a wonderful friendship. We look forward to carrying the torch for years to come. So join us for a once in a lifetime Alaskan Adventure!

We have been dreaming of cool summers and mountain air for as long as we can remember.  As born and bred Texans, scorching hot summers and southern hospitality are what encompassed us.  In June of 2018, we finally decided to head north to Alaska!  We found it easy to fall in love with with this place, as it embodies that same neighborly virtue, but with incomparable beauty and perfect summer days.  Now that we’re here and loving every minute, we thought we would introduce ourselves: 


Lauren’s adventurous spirit and love of the outdoors are a perfect match for Anchor Point. Despite being a southern girl on paper, she fell in love with the mountains and all they offer when she followed a job to Colorado in 2011.  Being a pilot’s wife, a toddler’s mom and industrial engineer by trade, she's always ready to adapt and welcomed this Alaskan undertaking with open arms.  Lauren loves the unmatched beauty, small town atmosphere and exciting unknowns that Anchor Point imparts on a daily basis.  


Though most of his life has been spent in Texas, Kevin is no stranger to Alaska.  He made his first long journey from Houston to Sitka, Alaska in the late 90’s and stayed for several years learning and loving every bit of it.  Upon his return to Texas, he became a helicopter pilot, a husband and a dad. Itching to get back to the beauty and lifestyle of Alaska, Lost Anchor Cabins was a dream scenario. Having a bevy of cousins that have called the Kenai Peninsula home since 1946 and chance to get his name on that list, making the dream a reality was underway. Kevin feels right at home here, and loves to share the Alaskan experience with guests from all over the world.


Grady is the young buck in our Lost Anchor crew. Born in Texas in 2017, Grady has basically run our everyday operations from day one.  The move to Anchor Point was met with sweeping approval from him, as the abundance of rocks, sticks, berries and furry critters has proven to have an endless capacity. Grady can consistently be found shuffling about the property with a smile on his face looking for the nearest puddle to jump into.

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